1 December, 2016 15:43

CSCL 2017: *Call for Pre-Conference Workshops and Tutorials*

The 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative

June 18-22, 2017

Drexel University & The University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Conference theme: Making a Difference ? Prioritizing Equity and Access

*Pre-Conference Workshops and Tutorials Deadline – December 16, 2017*

The CSCL 2017 Pre-Conference Workshops and Tutorials Committee invites
submissions of proposals for Pre-Conference Events. Full-day workshops will
be scheduled on Sunday June 18th, and half-day workshops on Monday June
19th. The main conference program will begin on the afternoon of June 19th.

Pre-conference events should cohere with the conference theme, *Making A
Difference: Prioritizing Equity and Access in CSCL,* and be organized as a
workshop or a tutorial.Specifically,

1. Workshops should be designed as collaborative knowledge-building
sessions on a focused issue, where participants actively work together (
*e.g.*, analyzing data, discussing design criteria, collaborating on a
research project). Substantial time should be allocated for interaction
between participants. The presentation of a set of related papers (*e.g.*,
a symposium) is not considered a workshop.
2. Tutorials should be designed as collaborative learning experiences
for novices on a topic, technology, or methodology within CSCL, that are
facilitated by experts. Tutorials should stimulate active participation and
interaction between participants as well. Innovative format submissions are
encouraged, provided they are within the scope of a workshop or tutorial.

Submission details can be found here:

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning is a premier conference of the
International Society of the Learning Sciences that focuses on the study of
social learning processes with and without technology as well as the
development and evaluation of tools to enhance or improve collective
thinking and learning. The conference is a major international event
bringing together researchers with a wide variety of backgrounds and
research interests including educational technology, design, HCI,
information sciences, educational psychology, museum research, library
science, curriculum and instruction, psychology, computer science,
cognitive science, and many more. We welcome high quality conceptual,
empirical, and theoretical contributions.

This year’s conference theme focuses on the need to consider issues such as
equity, access, and inclusion in the design, implementation, and deployment
of computer-supported learning environments. CSCL2017 will prioritize
keynote speakers, workshops and papers that champion research and tools
focused on equity and access relative to CSCL. Hosted by a diverse
leadership team in the Learning Sciences, the conference will highlight
work that discusses ways to broaden the CSCL pipeline, promotes and/or
celebrates out of the box thinking, or that brings a wide range of
viewpoints or voices to CSCL topics or tools.

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