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Middlebury, Murray, and the Problem of False Equivalence

Imagine, if you will, this scene. The university’s annual symposium has begun, an event that promises to advance the mission of the institution by tackling subjects of depth and complexity in the human condition. This year’s theme is “Remembering the Shoah: Saying ‘Never Again’ to Genocide,” challenging students and the university community to confront some of the darkest chapters of modern human history.

Source: Middlebury, Murray, and the Problem of False Equivalence

Committing to Collaboration

More private colleges want to form partnerships to share costs and administrative responsibilities. But such coordination isn’t easy.

When Kimberly W. Benston runs through the list of institutions that Haverford College collaborates with, he pauses a few times, trying to recall which counterpart fits where.


To Read Well on Screens, Change Your Mindset

Culture Mulching

I’ve written the following post to accompany (and extend) my talk on “Cultivating a Digital Reading Mindset in First-Year Composition” that I’ll be giving this Friday at the 2017 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Portland, Oregon (Session I.38).

While I’m primarily directing this toward an audience of college instructors, I hope that teachers at all levels—as well as anyone interested in the differences between print and screen reading and how to become better at the latter—will find something useful in it. 

To find your way to any of the sources cited below, as well as to a number of other articles, studies, and books on this subject, I encourage you to visit this annotated bibliography of sources on digital reading that is available on the websites of UC Berkeley’s College Writing Programs and UCB’s Center for Teaching and Learning.  (P.S. Thanks to Jason B. Jones…

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Berkeley again accused of protecting reputation of star professor instead of acting on reports of harassment

It’s more bad news for both a discipline and an institution that have been plagued by reports of sexual harassment and assault in recent years: a former research assistant is suing the University of California for failing to properly address her report of misconduct against a star philosopher on the Berkeley campus.

Source: Berkeley again accused of protecting reputation of star professor instead of acting on reports of harassment