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1.8 Million Free Works of Art from World-Class Museums: A Meta List of Great Art Available Online | Open Culture

Since the first stirrings of the internet, artists and curators have puzzled over what the fluidity of online space would do to the experience of viewing works of art.

Source: 1.8 Million Free Works of Art from World-Class Museums: A Meta List of Great Art Available Online | Open Culture

The Games Art Historians Play: Online Game-based Learning in Art History and Museum Contexts


[Anne McClanan is a Professor of Art History at Portland State University. Her work in the digital space engages with both online pedagogy and several digital humanities projects, overviewed here.–JBJ]

I recently posted a query on the CAAH listserv (Consortium of Art and Architectural Historians) to research online game-based and gamified learning in art history and museums. Alongside leads on some of the projects I’ll share here, the post garnered some rather animated comments hinting that it…

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Data-Driven Art History: Framing, Adapting, Documenting ← dh+lib

I’m always interested in the hows and whys of folks getting involved in digitally inflected research. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and describe what motivated you to take a path that brings Art History and digital research together?

Source: Data-Driven Art History: Framing, Adapting, Documenting ← dh+lib

A new Project Gutenberg gem: The Art of Aubrey Beardsley

In the teeth of copyright lobbyist pressures, Project Gutenberg continues to showcase what public domain is all about. And it’s just released another gem. This time, it’s The Art of Aubrey Beardsley, a 1918 illustrated edition of the work of the celebrated English aesthete, decadent graphic artist and erotic writer, originally published by Boni and Liveright in New York. It has a preface by Arthur Symons, himself a poet and critic of no mean renown, and 64 beautifully reproduced plates of Beardsley’s original work. Beardsley’s art works particularly well in ebook or online digital format, since it’s almost always monochrome, and based on sharp lines and black-and-white contrasts. “Heset himself to see things as pattern,” wrote Symons. “He made the world over again in his head … in black line on a white surface, in white line on a black surface. Working, as the decorative artist must work, in symbols almost as arbitrary, almost as fixed, as the squares of a chess-board, he swept together into his pattern all the incongruous things in the world.” As usual with Project Gutenberg, this digitized volume is available in most every format you could wish for, from PDF to online HTML, to plain […]

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Moving Forward Digital Art History – Report from a UCLDH Workshop

  In June 2015, UCLDH hosted an invitation only workshop titled “Moving Forward Digital Art History” at University College London. The aim of the workshop was to explore “digital art history” – a phrase that has become a shorthand reference to the potentially transformative effect that digital technologies hold for the discipline of art history. […]

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