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How to Revamp a Curriculum Quickly — but Not Too Quickly – The Chronicle of Higher Education

A final consideration led decision-makers to table the idea of launching a major. The interdisciplinary nature of the field and the speed at which it’s developing make it hard to set parameters on what content a bachelor’s degree should include.A curricular expert in the discipline used a metaphor to describe the process: It is, she said, like “trying to sink a stake into quicksand.”

Source: How to Revamp a Curriculum Quickly — but Not Too Quickly – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Immigration Attorneys: Industry Pushes Foreign Labor, Claiming ‘US Students Can’t Hack It In Tech’

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geek writes: According to Caroline May from Breitbart News, "The tech industry is seeking to bolster its argument for more white-collar foreign tech workers with the insulting claim that the education system is insufficiently preparing Americans for tech fields, according to pro-American worker attorneys with the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). [In an op-ed published at The Daily Caller, IRLI attorneys John Miano and Ian Smith take the tech industry to task for its strategy to promote the H-1B visa program — alleging a labor shortage of apt American tech workers while importing thousands of foreign workers on H1-B visas from countries with lower educational results than the U.S.]" John Miano and Ian Smith write via The Daily Caller: "But if the H-1B program really is meant to correct the failings of our education system, as BigTech’s new messaging-push implies, why is it importing so many people from India? According to results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a global standardized math and science assessment sponsored by the OECD, India scored almost dead last among the 74 countries tested. The results were apparently so embarrassing, the country pulled out of the program all together. Not surprisingly then, there isn’t a single Indian university that appears within the top 250 spots of the World University Rankings Survey. And unlike American bachelor’s degrees, obtaining a bachelor’s in India takes only three years of study."

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3 signs you’ll soon be attending a coding bootcamp at your college

dev bootcamp It all started as an alternative to the traditional college education. Now they’ve caught the eyes of deans across the country. Coding bootcamps have been a trending topic in higher education as their focus on job readiness and generous starting salaries has garnered the attention of both college students and career switchers — but those aren’t the only groups that have… Read More

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Computer science is the key to America’s skills crisis

empty classroom with computers The United States faces a global competitiveness crisis that, if not addressed, will put our nation at a strategic disadvantage for decades to come. In just a few years, there will be 1.8 million jobs unfilled in our nation because we don’t have enough individuals trained with the necessary technical skills to fill them. Read More

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