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How Tech Tools Can Help Professors Prepare Their Tenure Portfolios

Professors who are on the tenure track carry out every moment of their professional lives with a clock ticking  namely, the tenure clock. From the moment we’re hired and on through the process of earning tenure, we’re on the clock to assemble and submit a portfolio that consists of our best work, for a decision that seems eons away. It’s a privilege in this day and age to have a tenure-track position at all, so we can’t complain about having to make a tenure portfolio. However, there’…

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Redefining Service for the Digital Academic: Scholarship, Social Media, and Silos

I appreciate the agility available to the digital academic, but there is something a bit fun-house about all of this to me.  Every day as part of my work as…

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Campus Tech Leaders Report More Support for Free Educational Materials

Even though officials say their top priority is integrating information technology into teaching, only 17 percent of campuses include instructional IT efforts in their faculty review and promotion processes, a survey found.

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