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Social Media in Academia: Networked Scholars – reviews

I just received the final covers for my upcoming book, Social Media in Academia: Networked Scholars (see below). More importantly though, some very kind people I admire have read the book and have written some very nice things about it:

“A timely and significant contribution to the field. Many books tend to take either an advocacy stance or dystopian view of technology in scholarship, but Veletsianos manages to take a critical perspective that is both grounded in theory and rooted in practical experience. For any academic interested in the impact of networked technology on teaching or research, this is highly recommended.”

–Martin Weller, Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University, UK

Social Media in Academia is one of those rare books that every new assistant professor and doctoral student should read and take to heart. Establishing one’s public profile through networked scholarship is not a task to be undertaken casually, but one that requires mindfulness and discernment. Veletsianos provides invaluable guidance that all academics, but especially those just starting out, should heed.”

–Thomas C. Reeves, Professor Emeritus of Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Georgia, USA



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Digital Pedagogy; or, How to Engage Your Students to #StayWoke | HASTAC

As an ally, following this hashtag and injunction is one of the ways I try to listen and learn from the #BlackLivesMatter movement in order to keep my scholarly and personal commitment to social justice active and responsive to current events and the power of grassroots organization. For Fall 2015, I was about to teach a course of my own design entitled “Black Power, Yellow Peril,” an advanced writing seminar on the comparative racialization of African Americans and Asian Americans from the nineteenth-century through to the present-day. I wanted to figure out how to develop a participation component of my syllabus to help my students also #staywoke – to take our class as a starting point for their exploration of these issues and other intersecting conversations and to view the course as one of many sites of the ongoing complex politics that happen all around them every day.

Source: Digital Pedagogy; or, How to Engage Your Students to #StayWoke | HASTAC

Academia, Not Edu – Planned Obsolescence

The problem, of course, is that many of us face the same dilemma in our engagement with Academia.edu that we experience with Facebook. Just about everyone hates Facebook on some level: we hate its intrusiveness, the ways it tracks and mines and manipulates us, the degree to which it feels mandatory. But that mandatoriness works: those of us who hate Facebook and use it anyway do so because everyone we’re trying to connect with is there. And as we’ve seen with the range of alternatives to Facebook and Twitter that have launched and quickly faded, it’s hard to compete with that. So with Academia.edu: I’ve heard many careful, thoughtful academics note that they’re sharing their work there because that’s where everybody is.

Source: Academia, Not Edu – Planned Obsolescence

Should This Be the Last Thing You Read on Academia.edu? | Gary Hall – Academia.edu

But just as Airbnb and Uber are parasitic on the public ‘infrastructure and the investment’ that was ‘made by cities a generation ago’ (roads, buildings, street lighting, etc.),12 so  Academia.edu has a parasitical relationship to the public education system, in that these academics are labouring for it for free to help build its privately-owned for-profit platform by providing the aggregated input, data and attention value.

Source: Should This Be the Last Thing You Read on Academia.edu? | Gary Hall – Academia.edu

6 Experts on How Silicon Valley Can Solve Online Harassment

6 Experts on How Silicon Valley Can Solve Online Harassment

Silicon Valley is all about using tech to come up with solutions to gnarly problems. Yet the ugly reality of online harassment has remained intractable.

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