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College Web Editor – Get ready for 2016 with the #HigherEd Social Media Online Conference #hesm

Has Everybody on Your Team Gone to a Conference This Year Whether it’s for budget reasons, lack of time or even family matters, it’s not always possible to get everybody to fly across the country to attend one of the great higher ed conferenc…

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20 New Ways Facebook Is Eating The Internet

Facebook Eating The Internet Facebook never, ever, ever wants you to leave. That’s why it’s replicating features from other apps and pulling content like videos and news articles inside its app. The more time you spend on Facebook, the more it accomplishes its “open and connected” mission, and the more money it makes by showing you ads. Here’s 20 new ways it’s assimilating the Internet,… Read More

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5 things I learned about Twitter chats for educators

I finally did it, having spent 18 months using Twitter regularly to support my professional learning, sharing ideas and resources with fellow educators, I participated in a Twitter chat. Having seen these chats advertised by some of the wonderful educators…

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Digital Pedagogy Lab Courses: Teaching with Twitter

Pedagogy is not reducible to 140 characters. Pedagogy is, in fact, not reducible. However, it can (and does) happen in spaces as small as 140 characters. Pedagogy looks to the…

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