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Evaluating Evaluations

It’s end-of-semester time and PSU students are evaluating their professors on the SRTE (Student Rating of Teacher Effectiveness), but unfortunately it is a big waste of time for all involved. The SRTE is so inaccurate, so bias and so useless in helping instructors improve their teaching, it is little more than a bureaucratic ritual that risks unintended negative consequences.



Evaluating Student Evaluations

Zero Correlation Between Evaluations and Learning

New study adds to evidence that student reviews of professors have limited validity.

September 21, 2016


Colleen Flaherty

A number of studies suggest that student evaluations of teaching are unreliable due to various kinds of biases against instructors. (Here’s one addressing gender.) Yet conventional wisdom remains that students learn best from highly rated instructors; tenure cases have even hinged on it.  [more]